Let the Games Begin!!!

We have just had our 2012 Hamalympics… here are some clips of the events.


We now get to take our hamsters home …TO KEEP!!!!!  We have had such fun with them and will always remember our P.4 ‘hamster’ year.  ‘Bye ‘bye and… HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY EVERYONE!!!  Love from p.4.

(And finally  a wee note from Mrs. F – “Thanks to all parents and children for  your support throughout the session – our first year at MoL has been a wonderful, memorable experience!!!”  xx)


Hamsters en route to the Hamalympics!

Here are the hamsters on their plane on the way to the Hamalympics…wish them luck!

Let the Games begin!!! :)

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had the Official Opening Ceremony for our Hamalympics 2012. The hamsters went on parade with their flags. Tomorrow, the Hamalympics begin…27 events in 27 stadiums…who will come out on top? Results later in the week… 🙂

The Kindest Class in the World!!!

Interview with Mrs. Fraser:-  “I have the kindest class in the world. Yesterday at the Sports, Sammy fell while running the 200m and although it meant some of them having to lose their place in the race, these kind girls stopped  to see if she was alright and helped her. Some of them were even ahead of Sammy and went BACK to help. I am so proud of them all”.

The whole class are proud of them and each of them got a Head teacher’s Award as a ‘thank you’ from Sammy and Mrs. Fraser.    We all need friends like these!!! 🙂

Then Sammy was awarded a Pupil’s Pupil award from the class for being so brave after her fall and managing to take part in the House Relay and help her team to Victory…with two badly scraped knees!!!  What a heroine!!!

The Olympic Torch comes to visit!!!!

On Thursday, Lucy came to show the school her Olympic Torch. She ran her leg in Invermoriston.    We all got to ask her questions about how it felt running and some of us even got to hold the torch. Did you know that each hole in the torch stands for one of the runners?


Landmark Visit – 19.6.12.

Today (Tuesday) the whole school went on a fantastic trip to…LANDMARK!!!!   We set off in three double decker buses and the weather was great!  We split up into small groups when we got there and went on all the different activities, such as the Sky Dive, the Tarzan Trail, the Water slides, the Rollercoaster and many, many more! Mrs. Fraser went on the rollercoaster even though she’s afraid of heights –  and her glasses nearly fell off ! Also, Ellie Norton’s trainer got stuck in the swamp!!! She got it back in the end, though.    We all met for lunch, then went to Bamboozeleum and the shop. We had a great time!!!  Here are some photos of our day:-

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Our Class Assembly

Today (Friday) we had our joint class Assembly with P.2. We all became Spartans, Athenians, Corinthians and Argives and acted out competitions from the Ancient Olympics!  Spartans were brave and fearless (and won nearly everything, coming 1st overall). Athenians were proud and rich and came 2nd. Corinthians were friendly and hard-working and came 3rd and the p0or Argives…well, they were such drama queens and came last!!! However, our message at the end hopefully got through – “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts”!!!!!!!

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ASG Mini Olympics

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This week, some of our class have been taking part in the Millburn ASG mini Olympics. Casey took part in the Mental Maths section and Ellie MacD. took part in the Olympic General Knowledge section. Ewan and Craig took part in the Football and Ellie N. took part in the Cross Country. Here they all are with the medals they won!!! Well done guys!

The Queen comes to visit!!!

This morning we got a HUGE surprise, as HRH Queen Elizabeth II herself came to take us in from our morning lines!! Then she sat for us while some of us sketched her, while others looked at well-known paintings of her from throughout the years, and then tried to sketch them.

See our slideshow of pictures below…if you want to see them properly, they are hanging in the P.4-7 corridor.

PS – We don’t know where Mrs. Fraser was this morning, but she re-appeared in the afternoon – funny…  😉

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Olympic Top Trumps!!

This week we finished off our giant Olympic Top Trumps cards. We sketched the famous sportspeople we have been studying over the last week or two then used their information to make Top Trumps cards. We are going to make our own mini sets to play against each other in class next week. Who would you like to have in your pack?!

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